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 Cessna Skyartec 182 RC 5 Ch LiPo RTF Plane R/C Control


2015 Version with 3G3X Powerful Gyro System
Navigation Lights

  Red Cessna Skyartec 2015 Version Blue Cessna Skyartec 2015 Version

-The Most Sold Cessna R/C in Australia since 2007-
Age Group 14+ 

-Review Updated Friday, 9 January 2015- 

Mini Series of This Cessna is Also Available. Click Here.

Current 2015 Model
EXCITING CHANGES in this 2015 version of Cessna Skyartec.
Being equipped with powerful system named 3G3X Gyro and controlled by NASA701 LCD 2.4 GHz transmitter, replacing older version of SKY706, will definitely give you a breakthrough and totally new experience in flying.

And now in 2015 version, they add Navigation Lights just like on the picture above, exclusively for Silver Sky Hobby.

The 3G3X Gyro system will give much more benefit in flying especially for beginners and the NASA701 will give much more friendly method to adjust your flying performance setting. With NASA 701, adjusting flying performance will be directly from LCD on the transmitter. It means you will not need to carry your laptop with you anymore like in older version SKY706.

As a flyer myself, and from many years (since 2007) I have been dealing with flying remote control stuff (airplane and helicopter), I never see such an amazing poweful system in flying. More detail are as follow.


 3G3X Gyro Cessna Skyartec

Those who fly an airplane might understand more with this. Anyway I will try to explain the best I can as if you never fly an airplane R/C before.

When we fly an r/c plane, especially at first or during take off, there is one major challenge that will determine whether or not you crash or continue flying. Wohoo... pretty scary isn't it? LOL.... :D

Here is the thing, when you take off either from ground or hand launch, the plane sometimes move up and down or left to right seems like uncontrollable. To stabilize it, you will need to do it manually from your remote. Sometimes our reaction is not as quick as what is needed to control the plane and that could be the cause of crash.

This could happen to advance flyer and ESPECIALLY beginners because beginners have one biggest problem that I call "BRAIN FREEZE"

To give you easy illustration imagine an airplane is flying straight. And then suddenly there is side wind blow from left to right. The wind will make the plane tip over. The 3G3X will help the plane to hold to its level position.

Similarly if the plane is moving up and down due to turbulence wind, the 3G3X will help to stabilize the plane and to avoid nose dive and crash.

Please note that 3G3X does not make the plane back to horizontal position, but it is more to holding its current position.

With 3G3X system, this Cessna and other Skyartec model that is equipped with 3G3X will become suitable to first time flyer and during windy condition. I used to say to my customer that Cessna Skyartec is more to advance flyer, but after they equipped with 3G3X, it is no longer for advance. But it is now good for beginner.


Your Cessna will be equipped with two lights, one on each wing tip. One side will be colored in green and the other will be in red.

The red light will be on the left side and green light will on the right.

When you fly your Cessna R/C in dawn or dusk, these lights can be very useful for you. It helps you to know which direction your Cessna r/c is flying.

For example, while flying it and you see:

  • Green lights on your left and red light on your right, it means that your Cessna r/c is flying towards you.
  • Red lights on your right and green light on your left, it means that your Cessna r/c is flying away from you.
Choices of Cessna Skyartec Exclusive by Silver Sky Hobby 
Cessna Skyartec also has new featured which is equipped with video camera recorder where you can record your flight and replay on your computer. This package is exclusive by Silver Sky Hobby.
So in summary, you can choose the following feature of Cessna Skyartec:
  • Red Colour or Blue Colour
  • Mode 1 (Throttle on Right Stick) or Mode 2 (Throttle on Left Stick)
  • With Camera Recorder or Old Package with no Camera Recorder for cheaper price.

Bonuses If You Buy Cessna Skyartec from Silver Sky Hobby

Silver Sky Hobby has some bonuses in the Cessna box which are:

  1. Two Extra Propellers (NOT one). So total you will have three inthe box.
  2. Computer Simulation Software with USB cable included to connect your radio control to your PC for you to practice before fly.
  3. One Book on CD and Four Videos about your Skyartec Cessna exclusively made by Silver Sky Hobby from 5 years experiences. No other seller in the world including Skyartec themselves have this. Click Here

Mini Series of This Cessna is Also Available. Click Here.

Why This Cessna Skyartec is The Greatest Compare to Other Brand?

  • If you Google it, reviews says that this Cessna Skyartec has too much power for its size, which gives ability to fly under moderate wind. Some experience fliers upload their video in You Tube showing how they fly and land this chick under moderate wind.
  • Beside its capability to fly slowly, pilot can fly this plane fast and do unforgettable aerobatic actions.
  • Also with this power, it gives ability for quick recovery when the plane is stall. Stall is when an airplane is at condition where its speed is too low to keep it on air. Therefore it needs quick thrust to gain back the speed before the plane fall and hits the ground.
  • Size is not too big, not too small. It is convenient that you can put the Cessna on your car booth and can be played in almost all parks. However please check with your local council about the rule.
  • Material is made from SKYFOAM. It is EPP compressed foam. Cessna Skyartec is the only park flyer r/c plane that uses this material. SKYFOAM will give smoother finishing and stronger feel than other normal EPP Foam.
  • Furthermore, the plane uses EPS technique for the airframe in order to achieve both smooth surface and best dynamic material properties. The model has a steerable front wheel and uses two servos mounted directly to the main wing roll rudders and the tail wing.
  • It is equipped with Flaps. Flaps give drag on your plane but increase lift to your plane. It will help you when take off from ground and for landing. You don’t need long runway and you can land slower than if no flaps. Give you more time to adjust your plane straight with the runway.
  • Read This! With this price, you will get a Cessna RC that close to real. It has flaps, aileron, rudder, steering front wheel, and it is equipped with wing strut. Wing Strut is the bar that connects the main wing to the fuselage or body on both sides. It will give more strength and stability in flying. Other brand for this complete set can cost you more. Cheaper Cessna model does not have all this function. So check more carefully.

Technical Specification (Approximate according to Skyartec Manual)

  • Wingspan: 980mm (38.6 inch)
  • Overall Length: 780mm (30.7 inch)
  • Flying Weight: 560g (19.8 oz)
  • Drive System: 1530KV Brushless Outrunner High Torque Motor
  • ESC: Brushless 25A Speed Controller
  • Servo: 4X 9g high speed micro servos
  • Flying Time with Standard Battery: 20 minutes approximately under normal flying condition.
  • Battery: 11.1V 1100 mAh Li-Polymer. You can upgrade the battery to 11.1V 1600 mAh Li-Po that will give you extra 10 minutes flying.
  • Control system: NASA701 2.4GHz 7ch Transmitter and 3G3X Receiver Radio
  • Control Range: 3000 feet (1000m). Please note that the RX and TX is 7 Channel ready but for this Cessna only use 5 channels (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Speed, and Flaps).


Mini Series of This Cessna is Also Available. 
Click Here.

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 Mini Series of This Cessna is Also Available. Click Here.

Mini Series of This Cessna is Also Available. Click Here.