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 Fun Jet Skyartec RC - 7 Ch Li-Po RTF Plane R/C Control


It's a RC Plane for Beginner

2.4 GHz and7 Channel

-2015 Version with 3G3X Powerful Gyro System-
-NASA 701 2.4 GHz Control System-
-Bigger Motor-
-And Navigation Lights-

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 Fun Jet Skyartec 2015 Version


Age Group 14+ 

-Review Updated Friday, 16 January 2015- 

The interest in airplane remote control hobby has been increasing dramatically since 2007 especially after a lot of scaled model with cheap price but with good quality have appeared.

Airplane remote control is not hard to play but it can be tricky for most beginners.

Below is the short story based on my own experience:

How many of you purchased airplane remote control and crashed it in 3 seconds and then cannot be used anymore?

Hmmm……I can hear some of you said, “Hey that was me!!” Stressful isn’t it?

You assembled the airplane after you took it from the post; you wiped it so it is clean and shiny. And then you waited for the perfect time. You put it in your car booth. Went to RC Club or looked for Empty Park with happy and thrilling heart. And then you attached the battery, you tested the transmitter and receiver, everything worked perfectly. You pushed the throttle up and because it was using powerful brushless motor, it suddenly launched fast and flown and then you got shocked, your brain freeze then the plane turned, headed downward and…..BAM!!! You crashed it in three seconds after you pushed the throttle. You took the plane pieces, put in plastic bag, took it back to your car booth and went home with #$&$@# heart.

Skyartec Understand This Problem

My fellow pilot. Above condition is very frustrating, disappointing and those can make you give up this hobby. Although if you want to make some effort like picking up the pieces and glue them back, most people are too lazy to do that and simply give up.

So, Skyartec Company designed RC Plane for Beginner called Sky Fun, Fun Jet Skyartec, with brushless motor powered by Li-Po battery just like other scale airplane but this one is especially for beginners although some advance flyer might be interested too.

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Why Fun Jet Skyartec is Called Beginner RC Plane?

When you crash, 90% you will hit nose first. If you buy front single propeller airplane with landing gear, you are dead....LOL....

These area are most likely break:

  • Propeller
  • Motor Shaft
  • Front Landing Gear
  • Motor Mounting

To buy above spare parts are not so expensive, but beginners will need more and more right? That when the word expensive kick in.

With Fun Jet, Skyartec designed it this way:

  • No landing gear. It is hand launched and land on its body.
  • Propeller is located at the back of the body. Although there is posibility to hit the back side of the plane, it is only 5% chance.
  • Nose is full foam. So it gives extra strength when you crash nose first.

With above design, beginner can try over and over again without being have to go home after first crash to fix it.

With Fun Jet, if you crash nose first, nothing to worry. Pick it up and fly again as nothing will break. If by chance you break the nose, just tape it back and fly it again within second. Believe me it works.

Visit my forum and you will see one of my customer did that and take a look on his Fun Jet. Full of tape....LOL....

Another good thing about Fun Jet Skyartec is that its wing area is large so it can fly slower than other plane. Gives more time for beginner to react. But it can also fly up to 100 KM/H. So don't too underestimate it.

Current 2015 Model

INTERESTING CHANGES in this 2015 version of Fun Jet. Being equipped with powerful system named 3G3X Gyro and controlled by NASA701 LCD 2.4 GHz transmitter, replacing older version of SKY706, will definitely give you a breakthrough and totally new experience in flying.
And now in 2015 version, they add NAVIGATIO LIGHTS.

The 3G3X Gyro system will give much more benefit in flying especially for beginners and the NASA701 will give much more friendly method to adjust your flying performance setting. With NASA 701, adjusting flying performance will be directly from LCD on the transmitter. It means you will not need to carry your laptop with you anymore like in older version SKY706.

As a flyer myself, and from many years (since 2007) I have been dealing with flying remote control stuff (airplane and helicopter), I never see such an amazing poweful system in flying. More detail are as follow.


3G3X Gyro Cessna Skyartec

Those who fly an airplane might understand more with this. Anyway I will try to explain the best I can as if you never fly an airplane R/C before.

When we fly an r/c plane, especially at first or during take off, there is one major challenge that will determine whether or not you crash or continue flying. Wohoo... pretty scary isn't it? LOL.... :D

Here is the thing, when you take off either from ground or hand launch, the plane sometimes move up and down or left to right seems like uncontrollable. To stabilize it, you will need to do it manually from your remote. Sometimes our reaction is not as quick as what is needed to control the plane and that could be the cause of crash.

This could happen to advance flyer and ESPECIALLY beginners because beginners have one biggest problem that I call "BRAIN FREEZE"

To give you easy illustration imagine an airplane is flying straight. And then suddenly there is side wind blow from left to right. The wind will make the plane tip over. The 3G3X will help the plane to hold to its level position.

Similarly if the plane is moving up and down due to turbulence wind, the 3G3X will help to stabilize the plane and to avoid nose dive and crash.

Please note that 3G3X does not make the plane back to horizontal position, but it is more to holding its current position.

With 3G3X system, this Fun Jet and other Skyartec model that is equipped with 3G3X will become more and more suitable to first time flyer and during windy condition.



Your Fun Jet will be equipped with two lights, one on each wing tip. One side will be colored in green and the other will be in red.

The red light will be on the left side and green light will on the right.

When you fly your Fun Jet R/C in dawn or dusk, these lights can be very useful for you. It helps you to know which direction your Fun Jet r/c is flying.

For example, while flying it and you see:

  • Green lights on your left and red light on your right, it means that your Fun Jet r/c is flying towards you.
  • Red lights on your right and green light on your left, it means that your Fun Jet r/c is flying away from you.


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Technical Specification (Approximate according to Skyartec Manual)

Dimension: 700mmX875mmX170mm
Wingspan: 875mm
Upgraded Motor: 2627-2500KV Brushless Motor replacing older version 1800kV BL-250.
Battery: 11.1V 1100mAh Li-po
NASA 701 2.4 GHz radio control system 7 Channel (Remember NOT 5 Channel) replacing older version SKY706

Choices of Skyartec Fun Jet Exclusive by Silver Sky Hobby 

Fun Jet Skyartec also has new featured which is equipped with video camera recorder where you can record your flight and replay on your computer. This package is exclusive at Silver Sky Hobby.

So in summary, you can choose the following feature of Fun Jet Skyartec:
  • Mode 1 (Throttle on Right Stick) or Mode 2 (Throttle on Left Stick)
  • New Package with Camera Recorder or Old Package with no Camera Recorder for cheaper price.


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