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 Helicopter Training Kit


Helicopter Training Kit


Flying helicopter R/C 4 channel or more can be tricky especially for beginner.

One major problem is lift off balancing. Because after lifting off, it will be easier to control.

When you lift off your 4 channel or more helicopter, mostly it will move sideway to left or right and then it will tip to right or left following the direction when it moves aside.

The helicopter training kit will prevent the tipping movement so you will avoid crash because the main blade hit the ground.

The picture below is how you attach the helicopter training kit onto your helicopter.

helicopter rc training kit

With the ping pong ball attached like in picture shown, it will also move the centre of gravity lower than before. Doing so will give more stability to the helicopter rc. Please see the picture below for more understanding.



Check that the wing tip is lower than the body of the bird. And also they put more weight on the wing tip so the centre of gravity is below the beak. As you can in the picture, the bird is in balance condition. Even if you tip it, it will be back to balance position.

Does it make sense?

The helicopter training kit acts the same.

Once you master a little bit at your helicopter rc, you can move the ping pong ball inside closer to the body of helicopter (closer to its landing gear) and eventually take it off completely.

This helicopter training kit only cost you some dollars but could save you hundred of dollar because you crash your helicopter.