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 Mini Cessna 182 RC Skyartec


-2015 Version with 3G3X Powerful Gyro System-


Mini Cessna Skyartec 2015 Version


-Closest to Real Cessna Compare To Other Mini cessna Brand-

-Review Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2015-  

Realistic Flying Control 
Mini Cessna Skyartec is the only mini Cessna r/c that has flying control closest to reality compare to other brand.

Because of its size. Unlike the bigger size of Cessna Skyartec, it is very hard to implement control system so it closes to the real cessna in mini Cessna. But Skyartec made a big effort so their mini Cessna has almost the same function as their bigger size of Cessna so it is close to the real Cessna plane.

Here are the control system in Mini Cessna Skyartec:

  • Integrated speed controller using 10A, 3.7 V ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).
  • Aileron.
  • Elevator.

I will explain with other brand. Why they don't have realistic control system. In other brand, they only have elevator (horizontal tail wing) and rudder (vertical tail wing). The turning motion is controlled by rudder. In real airplane, turning motion is mostly using aileron and rudder is used for correction of the yaw (nose direction against plane forward movement).

While in Mini Cessna Skyartec, the turning motion is controlled by aileron just like th real one. It does not have rudder as for this size, yaw correction is almost never happen and also because it is high wing mounting.

Speed controller is also integrated. So the power will increase slowly against the movement of the throttle.

The only thing that I think Skyartec need to improve next is to equip it with nose landing gear steering so it can be controlled from the ground. At the moment it is fixed, makes it hard to take off from the ground.

Current 2015 Model

Interesting CHANGES in this 2015 version of mini cessna skyartec. Being equipped with powerful system named 3G3X Gyro and controlled by SKY-G02 LCD 2.4 GHz transmitter.

And now in 2015 model, they add Navigation Lights.

The 3G3X Gyro system will give much more benefit in flying especially for beginners and the SKY-G02 will give much more friendly method to adjust your flying performance setting. With SKY-G02, adjusting flying performance will be directly from LCD on the transmitter. 

As a flyer myself, and from many years (since 2007) I have been dealing with flying remote control stuff (airplane and helicopter), I never see such an amazing poweful system in flying. More detail are as follow.


3G3X Gyro Cessna Skyartec

Those who fly an airplane might understand more with this. Anyway I will try to explain the best I can as if you never fly an airplane R/C before.

When we fly an r/c plane, especially at first or during take off, there is one major challenge that will determine whether or not you crash or continue flying. Wohoo... pretty scary isn't it? LOL.... :D

Here is the thing, when you take off either from ground or hand launch, the plane sometimes move up and down or left to right seems like uncontrollable. To stabilize it, you will need to do it manually from your remote. Sometimes our reaction is not as quick as what is needed to control the plane and that could be the cause of crash.

This could happen to advance flyer and ESPECIALLY beginners because beginners have one biggest problem that I call "BRAIN FREEZE"

To give you easy illustration imagine an airplane is flying straight. And then suddenly there is side wind blow from left to right. The wind will make the plane tip over. The 3G3X will help the plane to hold to its level position.

Similarly if the plane is moving up and down due to turbulence wind, the 3G3X will help to stabilize the plane and to avoid nose dive and crash.

Please note that 3G3X does not make the plane back to horizontal position, but it is more to holding its current position.

With 3G3X system, this mini cessna and other Skyartec model that is equipped with 3G3X will become more and more suitable to first time flyer and during windy condition.


Your Mini Cessna will be equipped with two lights, one on each wing tip. One side will be colored in green and the other will be in red.

The red light will be on the left side and green light will on the right.

When you fly your Mini Cessna R/C in dawn or dusk, these lights can be very useful for you. It helps you to know which direction your Mini Cessna r/c is flying.

For example, while flying it and you see:

  • Green lights on your left and red light on your right, it means that your Mini Cessna r/c is flying towards you.
  • Red lights on your right and green light on your left, it means that your Mini Cessna r/c is flying away from you.

Another Good Key Points About This Mini Cessna Skyartec
  • It is using Digital Onboard Parameter Setting Radio Control Design. For more detail about this, please scroll down and find section about digital control system.
  • It is equipped with brushless motor that will give more power as it will not get overheated easily.
  • Powered by Li-Po battery that has more capacity and power.
  • 2.4 GHz frequency system that allow up to 20 people to fly in the same area without interference. The 2.4 GHz system also reduces the interferences with other things surround such as high grid power line, other radio system surround you.
  • Material is made by EPO foam that will have more flexibility, hence it will not easily break when crash occur. However speaking realistically, if you have a very extremely bad crash, then it will break.

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Digital Onboard Parameter Setting

Mini Cessna Skyartec is using control system called SKY-G02. It is a powerful function mini 4 channels - 2.4 GHz radio controller, highly anti-interference performance, quick responses. Pilot can set the flying control parameter in LCD onboard from the radio controller, which making the settings are more accurate and convenient.

Other controller from other brands, if you need to adjust the flying parameter, you need to use your computer, and then install the program from the CD provided, etc, etc. Too much to do. So when you fly and something is not precise, you need to either go home and do the setting or bring your laptop. Not very convenient!

The controller needs 4 pieces of AA batteries. Take a look below for what you can adjust from this controller:


 mini cessna skyartec

 Digital Trimming and Flight Information.

This is the main screen. You will be able to see:

  • The battery capacity leftover.
  • Flight time (you need this so you know when you need to land your Cessna. Under normal flying, it takes about 10 minutes to get the battery almost flat from full).
  • Throttle power percentage.
  • Digital trimming for your elevator, throttle, aileron.

 mini cessna skyartec

 The Menu

There are four area that you can adjust directly from the remote:

  • Servo Orientation
  • Control Sensitivity
  • Throttle Curve
  • Trainer Mode
 mini cessna skyartec

This one is to set orientation of the servo. It means that if you want to reverse the movement of the servo against your control stick, you can set it here.

 mini cessna skyartec

This is to set the sensitivity of the servo against control stick. The more percentage, the more sensitive the movement from the servo against your radio movement control stick.

 mini cessna skyartec

You can also set the performance of the speed control system against your throttle stick from your radio control.

 mini cessna skyartec

This is for training mode. If you are an expert and you want to help other flying this mini Cessna, you can connect your radio control to your student's radio control. Cable is purchased separately.



  • Weight: 120g
  • Length * height: 375 * 100mm
  • Main wing diameter: 540mm
  • Tail wing diameter: 180mm
  • Main motor: 1822 - 8000KV
  • Battery: 3.7V - 600 MAH 20C Li-Polymer replacing older version 450 mAh.
  • ESC: 3.7V - 10A
  • Servo: 3.7G x 2 pcs
  • Transmitter: SKYG02 - 4 CH - 2.4GHZ with mini LCD for programming
  • Receiver: 4CH

Video can be seen from this link: