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 Mini Fun Jet Skyartec

 -2015 Version with 3G3X Powerful Gyro System-

Mini Fun Jet Skyartec 2015 Version


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-Review Updated Wednesday, 14 January 2015-

A Mini That Is Designed Specially For Beginners 
Beginner's reaction is not as good as advance or expert flyer. When the plane is in difficult position, most of beginners cannot think instantly what to do to recover the airplane. And then what happen next is….. You know it already... Crash!!!
When crash happens, two areas are affected most. The nose is the area that hit the ground first. If your plane has propeller at front, your propeller will break and sometimes the motor shaft will bend too. Your front landing gear will get bended. Most of you don’t have these spare parts. That is why after you crash it, you cannot use it anymore. And statistic says crash happens about 3 seconds up to 10 seconds after take off.
Skyartec Company then designed an airplane remote control called Sky Fun, Fun Jet, with brushless motor and powered by Li-Po battery. At first Skyartec makes the big size of Fun Jet (click here for bigger size version) and in 2013 version, they create smaller version which has cheaper price. Good for those who are on budget. 
Now we Proudly Welcome 2015 Model of Skyartec MINI Sky Fun R/C.
Being equipped with 2.4GHz Radio System, 3 AXIS GYRO SYSTEM AND controlled by SKY G-02 Mini LCD Radio Gear will now certainly give a lot of ADVANTAGES TO FIRST TIME JET FLYER and in WINDY CONDITIONS. PLUS NAVIGATION LIGHTS.

It acts something like auto stabilizer / auto pilot. Very good for beginners.
So, What makes Mini Fun Jet Skyartec suitable for beginners?
  • The propeller is located at the back of the fuselage. As explained above, mostly airplane crash affects nose area. So when you crash this plane, the propeller is less likely to get hit. I would say 95%. The 5 % is due to another factor. You never know right?
  • It does not have landing gear. The way it flies is by hand launch and land on ground with the under side body. It means the problem with landing gear as mentioned above can be eliminated.
  • You are able to fly very slow due to the wing shape design or fast in the sky. Its full speed achieves up to 100 kilometers per hour. This Skyartec Sky Fun is suitable for both beginners and experts especially the beginners. And it will bring you unexpected surprise in flight.
  • Tough lightweight body structure can reduce the breakage on the fuselage and wings make it perfect for beginners.
  • Plus the 2013 version that is upgraded with 3G3X Gyro and SKY G-02 Mini LCD control system makes this plane even more perfect for beginners.

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[What Can 3G3X Do?]

The 3G3X in short word will act like auto stabilizer / auto pilot when there is no input from the transmitter.

Imagine an airplane is flying straight. And then suddenly there is side wind blow from left to right. The wind will make the plane tip over. The 3G3X will help the plane to back it its level position.

Similarly if the plane is moving up and down due to turbulence wind, the 3G3X will help to stabilize the plane and to avoid nose dive and crash.

[What Can SKY-G02 TX Do?]

SKY-G02 is a powerful function mini 4 channels - 2.4 GHz radio controller, highly anti-interference performance, quick responses.

Pilot can set the flying control parameter such as servo sensitivity, servo movement, etc, etc onboard from the radio controller LCD screen as in picture above, which making the settings are more accurate and convenient.

Other controller from other brands, either they cannot be adjusted or if you need to adjust the flying parameter, you need to use your computer, and then install the program from the CD provided, etc, etc. Too much to do. So when you fly and something is not precise, you need to either go home and do the setting or bring your laptop. Not very convenient!


Your Mini Fun Jet will be equipped with two lights, one on each wing tip. One side will be colored in green and the other will be in red.

The red light will be on the left side and green light will on the right.

When you fly your Mini Fun Jet R/C in dawn or dusk, these lights can be very useful for you. It helps you to know which direction your Mini Fun Jet r/c is flying.

For example, while flying it and you see:

  • Green lights on your left and red light on your right, it means that your Mini Fun Jet r/c is flying towards you.
  • Red lights on your right and green light on your left, it means that your Mini Fun Jet r/c is flying away from you.



[Technical Information]

  • Control Mode: 2.4 GHz SKY G-02 Mini LCD - Mode 1 (Throttle on Right Stick)
  • Skyartec MINI Fun Jet Plane - 1 piece.
  • Attached Propeller - 1 piece.
  • Bonus Propeller - 1 piece (so you have 2 in total).
  • 3G3X Gyro 2.4 GHz Receiver - 1 piece.
  • Transmitter Mini Sky-G02 LCD - 1 piece.
  • Electronic Speed Controller 15A - 1 piece.
  • Glue - 1 set
  • Li-Po Battery 7.9V 900 mAh - 1 piece.
  • Servo: 2 X 3.7g micro servos
  • 2623-4500KV Brushless Motor - 1 piece.
  • AC/DC power supply for balance charger - 1 piece.
  • Balance charger to charge the Li-Po battery - 1 piece.
  • Wingspan: 550 mm
  • Overall Length: 415 mm
  • Flying Time: About 15 minutes
  • Range: 500 m
  • Flight control are mixing aileron and elevator.

All have been 90% assembled. All other parts, you just need to plug and screw and glue.
Basically everything needed for flying are in the box EXCEPT 4 pieces of AA battery for the Radio Gear.


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