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 Skyartec Spare Parts


skyartec spare parts


We do have skyartec spare parts for all their RC model. Please visit our online shop.

If what you are looking for are not listed, simply contact us and we can easily get them for you.

Just some tips from me. Not all Skyartec Spare Parts need to be purchase. Things like Cessna wings for example. If it breaks, you can glue them back eventhough it breaks in pieces. All you need is having a little bit of patience to put them back together.

The glue also does not have to be expensive hobby glue. You can use aquarium silicon clear. NOT WHITE. It is strong and definitely will do the job. I did that to my own plane.

Anywa....if you are too lazy, feel free to purchase at our store.

Please visit our online shopping and click on spare parts.

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