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Reviewed On: 20 February 2015

wasp 100 Nano Skyartec

Latest version:

    (Quieter, Less Heat, Continuous Power Compared to Brushed Motor).
  • Controlled with NASA701 LCD TX. All setting can be done from the TX. You will no longer need computer


This is mini helicopter r/c WASP 100 Nano Skyartec that can do 3-D and is flybarless.

If you don't have a big space to fly, this WASP 100 Nano Skyartec could be a good choice for you.

There are two key points that might interest you about this mini helicopter r/c WASP 100 Nano Skyartec:

  • Durable / Anti-Break material.
  • 3 - Axis Gyro. Not just one. In old or cheap brand, they only have one gyro which is tail gyro.


Number one cause of most disappointment when playing flying r/c is when you crash it, you break the material and then cannot be used anymore.

Imagine this. You just bought your helicopter r/c, you are very happy. But because you have no experience, you crash it 15 seconds after take off and you break the landing gear or may be the main blade. And then you don't have spare parts. It means you can not use it anymore. How bad is it huh?

Skyartec built this WASP 100 Nano with a material that is 99% durable and almost impossible to break it. Here I put the video showing it. In the video, the man bend the main blade to its possible movement and you will see it does not get snapped.

Of course in real crash, you won't bend the main blade that much and still can use it straight away. The video is showing after it is bend, it is forever bended but that is just for illustration :D



3-Axis Gyro Will Give Much More Stability That Function Similar To Auto Pilot. Before I explain further, take a look on the video below.

Notice that you can set the flying mode to beginner or advance mode by pressing the button on the receiver. By default is set to advance (Red) and for beginner is (Green)


But note that the system is not hooked up with the throttle; the altitude of the helicopter is still in your control.

Also please note that although the system gives you 95% stability compare to 0% stability where you need to do it manually in old type of helicopter, our terms and conditions still apply. You need to take safety precaution and we will not be responsible of any crash or damage after flying to your helicopter or other property. For more complete explanation, please visit our terms and conditions page.


Please take a look on another flying video below.