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  • We are the biggest distributor for Cessna Skyartec Company in Australia since 2007 and we are proud to say that 99% of our customer satisfied with the products and services we offer.
  • Here are some choices of Skyartec Airplane RC Model.
  • Cessna Skyartec type Cessna 182, Cessna RC - 5 Ch LiPo RTF Plane R/C Control. Upgraded. Now with Flaps and 2.4 GHz
  • How many of you purchased airplane remote control and crashed it in 3 seconds and then cannot be used anymore? Check this RC Plane for Beginner called fun jet skyartec.
  • This Could Be Your First RC Ducted Fan Jet. Made by Skyartec and good for beginner who wants to try their first RC Jet Airplane but also good for advance flyer too due to its speed.
  • The most realisitc mini cessna compare to other brand. It is Mini Cessna Skyartec. Click to read more detail.
  • Mini Fun Jet Skyartec, A Mini RC That Is Designed Specially For Beginners
  • Combined Together With Three Axis Gyro Technology Plus FLYBARLESS Design Technique, This WASP X3 Flybarless Is More Efficient and Stable to Fly Than Flybared Helicopter R/C.
  • Wasp 100 Nano Skyartec. Mini helicopter RC that can do 3-D aerobatic
  • Because we are the biggest Skyartec Distributor in Australia, we have almost all skyartec spare parts for all Skyartec model.
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  • This battery and charger safety tips is very important to read if you are dealing with Li-Po battery. Misuse of LiPo battery can result in fire, injury and death.
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  • This helicopter training kit will help beginners to fly 4 channel or more helicopter remote control.